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Rounding out your engineering projects sometimes requires a little help. Computer aided technology solutions is available to support you in a variety of ways :


Creation of photorealistic images based on your models

Model Making

Taking a 2D drawing and turning it into 3D

Library Creation

Creating a custom parts and symbol library for reuse of components

Design Optimization

Our experts have years of experience using SOLIDWORKS both here and in the field. Trust in our guidance as you run into roadblocks on your way to fine tuning your designs.

Design Validation Consulting

SOLIDWORKS Simulation is a full service FEA package that enables designers and engineers to validate their designs early in the design process.  However, often times these critical steps are skipped due to lack of time and/or resources.  To prevent this from happening,Computer aided technology solutions partners with a local Licensed Engineer with extensive experience in design validation and finite element analysis.  Through our experience and knowledge of FEA software, we have the ability to virtually test products, optimize designs, measure factor of safety, and more.  In the end, our goal is to provide valuable insight that will help you design better products, faster.