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AVEVA E3D DESIGN 3.1 | What’s New – End Datum to Panel/Floor Connection

This release AVEVA E3D DESIGN 3.1.5 introduces an enhancement to the existing End Datum Connection functionality that allows the connection of a Section to a plate or floor. A new Connect to Panel option has been added to the End Datum option in the Connections group.

A connection is created by setting the Connection Reference (CONREF) attribute of the End Datum (ENDATU)
to the panel/floor element reference. If the section is at an angle to the plane, the Cutting Plane (CUTP)
attribute of the fixing will be set to ensure the beam is flat to the plane. The specification form is then
prompted to allow the selection of a specification.

After connecting to a panel, the panel element will have the End Reference Array (ENDRFA) attribute set to
any ENDATU elements which are connected.