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AVEVA E3D DRAW In-Canvas Commands

When using the In-canvas command prompt the following commands can be typed directly in the AVEVA E3D DRAW module :

In-Canvas DRAW CommandDescription
ADIMPrompts the Annotate > Angular Dimension action.
ALIGNPrompts Label Alignment operation.
ANGLEPrompts the Draw > Angle Measure action.
ARCPrompts the Draw > Draw Arc action.
ARRAYPrompts the Draw > Array window.
CANCELCancels the current action.
CHAMFERPrompts the Draw > Modify Chamfer action.
CIRCPrompts the Draw > Draw Circle action.
CLOSECloses the current Drawing.
CLOSEALLCloses All open Drawings.
COPYBASEPrompts the Home > Copy with Base Point action.
COPYCLIPPrompts the Home > Copy to Clipboard action.
CUTBASEPrompts the Home > Cut with Base Point action.
CUTCLIPPrompts the Home > Cut to Clipboard action.
DELETEPrompts the Draw > Delete action.
DISTPrompts the Draw > Distance Measure action.
DMNDPrompts the Draw > Draw Diamond action.
ELLIPrompts the Draw > Draw Ellipse action.
ETRIPrompts the Draw > Draw Equilateral Triangle action.
EXCELPrompts the Annotate > Import Excel Sheet browser.
EXPLODEPrompts the Draw > Modify Explode action.
EXTENDPrompts the Draw > Modify Extend action.
FILLETPrompts the Draw > Modify Fillet action.
FILLETRPrompts the Draw > Modify Fillet with Radius/Trim action.
FLYPrompts to set Fly mode in 3D view.
GAPPrompts the Annotate > Insert Gap in Dimension / Label action.
GRIDRULERPrompts Grid Ruler creation operation.
HEXAPrompts the Draw > Draw Hexagon action.
IDAllows identification of Sheet Position.
IMAGEPrompts the Annotate > Insert Image browser.
LABELPrompts the Annotate > Insert Label browser.
LAYERPrompts the Home > Layers window.
LDIMPrompts the Annotate > Linear Dimension action.
LENGTHENPrompts the Draw > Modify Lengthen action.
LWTToggles Canvas Line Width Thickness.
MERGEPrompts the Draw > Modify Merge action.
MIRRORPrompts the Draw > Modify Mirror action.
MOVEPrompts the Draw > Modify Move action.
MREDOPrompts the Home > Redo of Multiple actions.
MRKPPrompts the Annotate > Marker Point action.
NAVIGATORPrompts the Navigation Window.
NEWVIEWPrompts tooltip to create a basic view.
OFFSETPrompts Draw > Modify Offset action.
OLAYPrompts the Annotate > Insert Overlay window.
OUTLPrompts the Draw > Draw Outline action.
PANAllows Pan Navigation of Sheet.
PANDIRAllows Directional Pan Navigation of Sheet.
PASTECLIPPrompts the Home > Paste from Clipboard action.
PASTEORIGPrompts the Home > Paste to Original Coordinates action.
PDIMPrompts Pitch Circular Dimensions.
PICKPrompts the Pick action.
PLOTSTYLESPrompts the Home > Plot Styles window.
PREVReturns Canvas to previous view.
PRINTPrompts the Project > Print area.
PROPERTIESPrompts the Home > Property Grid.
QUITQuits the application.
QVPROJPrompts the Home > Create Quick Projection View action.
RAYPrompts the Draw > Draw Ray Line action.
RDIMPrompts the Annotate > Radial Dimension action.
RECTPrompts Draw > Draw Rectangle action.
REDOPrompts the Home > Redo of an action.
REGIONPrompts the Home > Create Region action.
REVISIONPrompts the Manage > Revision Control window.
ROTATEPrompts the Draw > Modify Rotate about Base Point action.
SCALEPrompts the Draw > Modify Scale action.
SECVPrompts the Home > Create Section View action.
SELALLSelects all elements in canvas.
SETCOLOURSets the Current Colour in the Active Properties.
SETLTSets the Current Line Type in the Active Properties.
STRAPrompts the Draw > Draw Straight action.
STYLESPrompts the Visual Styles window.
SYMBPrompts the Annotate > Symbol Selection browser.
TABLPrompts the Annotate > Add Table action.
TANGENTPrompts the Draw > Draw Tangent action.
TEXPPrompts the Annotate > Add Text action.
TOTLENGTHPrompts the Draw > Cumulative Length Measure action.
TRIMPrompts the Draw > Modify Trim action.
STRETCHPrompts the Draw > Modify Stretch action.
UPrompts the Home > Undo action.
UNDOPrompts the Home > Undo of Multiple actions.
UPDATEDESIPrompts the Update > Update Design action.
VDETAILPrompts the Home > Create Detail View action.
VIEWPrompts the Home > Create View action.
VMODIFYPrompts the 3D View Tools tab.
VPROJPrompts the Home > Create Projection View action.
VSECPrompts the Home > Create View Section action.
WALKPrompts the Walk mode in 3D view.
XLINEPrompts the Draw > Construct XLine action.
ZOOMAllows Zoom Navigation of Sheet.
3DORBITPrompts a 3D Orbit operation in 3D View Mode.