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Introducing AVEVA E3D DESIGN 3.1

AVEVA™ E3D Design is an innovative 3D design product from AVEVA covering the needs of Plant and Marine
AVEVA E3D Design 3.1 provides a platform that enables lean construction principles to be adopted,
increasing quality and speed of execution throughout the entire project. This is achieved through advanced
usability for all design tasks which improves productivity by utilising latest technologies and best in class User
Experience to enable innovative and ever more efficient project execution processes. This is demonstrated
by the clean and intuitive user interface of the product that encourages graphical centric modelling and

AVEVA E3D Design 3.1 is based upon a proven platform of technologies used to support a wider family of
products; supporting common capabilities such as multi-user, distributed and concurrent access to the
design model, and the comparison and update of information. This allows global teams to collaborate in
building fully detailed models, from which construction-ready drawings and BOMs can be automatically

AVEVA E3D Design 3.1 contains the following principal modules:
• Model An interactive 3D design environment.
• Draw Facilitates the production of scaled, annotated drawings from the 3D Model.
• IsoDraft Used in the production of piping isometrics.
• Catalog Used to define and configure Project Specifications and Standards.

As part of an integrated product solution, AVEVA E3D Design 3.1 may integrate with AVEVA Engineering and
Schematics products through capabilities such as the Piping Integrator feature. Further, AVEVA E3D Design
3.1 may be integrated with AVEVA Asset Information Management, epitomised by the Design in Context
feature that allows the direct interrogation of the AVEVA Asset Information Management Dashboard in the
Model and Draw environment.

AVEVA E3D Design 3.1 has been designed from the outset to be compatible with AVEVA PDMS and Hull &
Outfitting 12.1.SP5 and it uses the same database and data management technology, enabling the two
products to be used in conjunction on operational projects.

AVEVA E3D Design 3.1 introduces a series of new developments for both Marine and Plant industries:
• Cross-discipline Space Management application.
• Introduction of the Hull Structural Design application.
• Support for large co-ordinate modelling.
• Improved integration of Laser data, including the introduction of Solid Pointcloud rendering and data
• Multiple model enhancements to aid the design workflow in Plant and Marine industries including
allowance for Grid Format positioning.
• Draw Improvements (incl. combination of Draw features and canvas in the Model module).