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Windsock Working and Importance

Windsock is used for identification or indicates the speed of wind with respect to the Direction through the Zone (Locality address) where Windsock is Situated or Sometime It may be used as for Decorative Purpose in Private or Public Uses. Windsock is mainly Consist of two Parts as the Pole & sock Material (Sock is simply a piece of cloth material). Sock is mounted or hanged on the Pole part of Windsock.

Or in other Simple words Windsock is simply a balloon piece used to Guage (Measure) Speed & Direction of Air.

Rules Guy: Can I mount a wind sock on my golf cart?


In 100 A.D roman people are use this windsock to represent their army, While Chinese & Japanese used this windsock for occasional purpose for Children day.

Common Application Purpose

Windsocks are commonly used in applicable areas is Chemical Industry, Oil & Gas Fields & Very often the Airports.  Orange Colored Windsocks are commonly found in the seaports where it is used as the Description of the Route for ships Drivers & Sailors as Well. Chemical Fields also uses this type of windsocks to detect the leakages of gases or some other discrepancies at the Plant Sites.

Types of Windsocks:

Common Types of the Windsock are described below:

Industrial Windsocks:

Industrial type windsocks are works as the instrument to determine the direction in the zone which are hazardous for chemical that is responsible for plant, Environment Damage & Also for Human Being life. Industrial Designed Windsocks are usually based on the Guidelines or as per the design rules regulations given By the OHSAS (Occupational Health & Safety Administration).

Airport Windsocks:

This type of windsocks is called as the aviation windsocks. They are also used for similar purpose (I.e. Determination of wind speed with direction Notations). They usually help in technically terms for the pilot of the flight operation for safe & successful take off & landing from the runway and to the runway. The Socks Material which is used for airport is Vinyl Fabric which makes them highly durable with extreme Strength.

Decorative windsocks:

Above two types of windsocks are used as in the technical purpose in their respective fields. It can be used for Event or Occasions Celebrations Previously used by the Japan, China.

Determination of Wind Speed with Help Wind Charts:

Each Windsock contains some stripes over the sock material at a specific distance with equally different alternate color. Windsock stripes are also known as the term Knots that may be ranges from 3 to 15 knots.

Guide to read the knot with speed of wind:

Each successive knot denotes the increase in the wind speed that has flown away due to wind running in the Environment or the Particular fields.

An image is also attached for Knot with wind speed interpretation –

Windsock windspeed guide - Holland Aviation

Importance Brief (Windsocks):

Technical Helps to the pilot in Airport Operation:

Aviation type windsocks provides the important details like the velocity which play major role in the Landing & Take-off operations

It is surely counted as tools to calculate the wind speed which may be used for owned purpose.

Chemical Plants:

Main purpose of the Windsocks in these types of fields is to intimate the people in the locality or detect the release of Toxic gases that disrupt the environment condition & Norms

Color With Stripes: As discussed earlier in this articles color are suitable of which type of application fields required windsocks & Stripes (Knots) denotes the calculative value of the wind Speed.

Different windsock colors available - Holland Aviation