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AVEVA E3D 2.1 Piping Catalogues & Specifications

This training course is aimed at Piping Designers/Engineers with AVEVA Plant Pipework Modelling

experience and aims to introduce the concepts of building catalogue components and piping specifications using the AVEVA Catalogue Paragon module.


·        Understand Paragon and its benefits.

·        Use the Catalogue Explorer to access the Catalogue, Properties, Model and Draw Databases.

·        Create component Categories and Components.

·        Create component Point Sets and Geometry Sets.

·        Create Part Families and GPARTs.

·        Set GPART reference attributes to 3D Model, 3D Templates, Draw Symbol Sets, etc.

·        Set Symbol Key (SKEY) settings for use in IsoDraft.

·        Create a Nozzle Specification.

·        Create and maintain Piping Specifications.

·        Create Branch, Reducer, Nominal Bore and Specification Tables.

·        Create Connection Compatibility Tables.

·        Create Properties Data.


Training will consist of oral and visual presentations, demonstrations and set exercises

AudienceDesignated Cats & Specs personnel with Piping Design background.
PrerequisitesAVEVA Everything3D™ Pipework Modelling