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The aim of this training guide is to provide designers with the knowledge and skills necessary to display and use AVEVA E3D™ Laser models to help with the Design Process.

Objectives :

  • Familiarization of AVEVA™ E3D Design laser application and functionalities
  • How to display and manipulate the laser data and the techniques for navigating in Laser Environment
  • How to design Piping and to use Clash within the laser data

Program :

  •             Introduce AVEVA E3D concepts specific to the Laser application.
  •             Understand the usage of Laser functionality on the E3D.
  •             Display Laser Data, changing the view quality or resolution.
  •            To easily navigate in Laser Environment.
  •            Investigate the use of photorealistic BubbleViews.
  •             Use of Enhanced Rendering in the Model Environment.
  •             Use Clash Checking within the Laser Data.
  •             Pipe Modelling Utilising Laser Data.
  •             To Demolish Laser Data to aid workflow.
  •             Utilising Laser Models / Combined models in the Draw Environment.
AudienceAll Designers and Engineers
LanguageEnglish – French – Arabic
PrerequisitesIt is expected that trainees have completed the AVEVA E3D DESIGN USER training course.
Trainees who can demonstrate a suitable understanding of other AVEVA E3D applications and techniques may also be permitted to undertake the training.
Duration1 Day
LocationOn site – Online – Customer site
Software VersionAVEVA E3D DESIGN 2.1 or 3.1
Level of trainingAdvanced