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AVEVA Everything3D™ (AVEVA E3D™) allows designers to utilise an array of applications contained within the program modules. This training guide provides discipline specific training for the Laser Model application [DW1] contained within the Model and Draw modules.

Using a simple Laser Model this guide describes how to:-

·           Import and display Laser Data.

·           Change the view quality or resolution.

·           Create and manage Regions Of Interest.

·           The use of photorealistic BubbleViews.

·           Pipe Modelling using Laser Data.

·           Clash Checking between Model Elements and Laser Data.

·           Identify and demolish Regions Of Laser Data.

·           Use Laser Data in the Draw Module.


·            Introduce AVEVA E3D concepts specific to the Laser application.

·            Understand the usage of Laser functionality on the E3D.

·            Display Laser Data, changing the view quality or resolution.

·            To easily navigate in Laser Environment.

·            Investigate the use of photorealistic BubbleViews.

·            Use of Enhanced Rendering in the Model Environment.

·            Use Clash Checking within the Laser Data.

·            Pipe Modelling Utilising Laser Data.

·            To Demolish Laser Data to aid workflow.

·            Utilising Laser Models / Combined models in the Draw Environment.


The aim of this training guide is to provide designers with the knowledge and skills necessary to display and use AVEVA E3D™ Laser models to help with the Design Process.

AudienceAll Designers and Engineers
PrerequisitesIt is expected that trainees have completed the AVEVA Plant Everything3D Foundations and AVEVA Plant Everything3D Pipework Modelling training courses. Trainees who can demonstrate a suitable understanding of other AVEVA E3D applications and techniques may also be permitted to undertake the training.