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AVEVA E3D 2.1 Supports User

The Supports module of the AVEVA Everything3D™ (AVEVA E3D™) application is used to create, modify and delete the various types of support required during the design stages of a project. Supports are based on engineering standards that are configured to the projects requirements.

The workflow using in this module does NOT require write access to the Piping, Cable Tray, HVAC or main Steelwork elements.


·        Understand how AVEVA E3D recognises what a support consists of and how the design elements are named.

·        Explain the basic concepts of AVEVA E3D Supports

·        Understand how to create a series of Supports in AVEVA E3D.

·        Understand how to produce a Supports Drawing.


Training will consist of oral and visual presentations, demonstrations and set exercises.

AudiencePiping Designers, HVAC Designers and E&I Designers
PrerequisitesAVEVA Everything3D™ Pipework Modelling or
AVEVA Everything3D™ Heating, Ventilation & Air Conditioning Modelling or
AVEVA Everything3D™ Electrical & Instrumentation Equipment Modelling