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AVEVA E3D Design user interface 

The AVEVA E3D Design user interface is based on the Microsoft Office Fluent™ user interface. 

  • Starting a model for the first time will display the default screen layout
User InterfaceDescription
Quick Access ToolbarProvides shortcuts to common commands for quick access
TabsRegroups application buttons by category. Displayed tabs depend on the selected discipline
GroupsEach tab is divided into groups to organise buttons by task
Prompt AreaProvides instructions while performing an action
CanvasWorkspace where the Model elements can be viewed and worked on. The canvas can contain one or several 3D Views
Sliding forms Sets or PanelsForms are docked and tabbed on both sides of the 3D View and can be temporarily hidden to clear the canvas
PowerWheel™Provides quick access to common commands directly in the 3D View by a right click
PowerCompass™Provides intuitive tools to orientate the view and select different co-ordinate systems
Status barProvides quick access to the common modelling options
Message AreaDisplays the last information, warning or error message
Notification AreaDisplays information about the status of a global project
View Tab GroupProvides access to the different opened 3D Views from multiple tabs