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What are AVEVA E3D Design Databases ?

AVEVA E3D Design consists of a set of hierarchical databases that store the model data. The database system is called Dabacon and is exclusive to AVEVA.

The databases are structured specifically for design data storage and each type of database stores different data.

Design databases, where the data for the model constructed in the Model module is stored, can be of two types:

  • Update          – where each user has their own database to work in
  • Multi Write   – where a number of users work in the same database

Generally multi-discipline projects are executed using discipline specific designers who will use specific applications in AVEVA™ E3D Design to construct the model components for their specific discipline. A project, therefore, may consist of a number of Design databases for each discipline.

When constructing the model, references are made to catalogue; property and user defined attribute data that is held in different types of databases. As this data is common to all users of each discipline, each user will refer to a common set of data for the project. These databases are called reference databases.

In order that each user can see the required design components modelled by other users and refer to the common catalogue, property and user defined attribute data, the Design and Reference databases are grouped together into a Multiple Database (MDB).

There will be several MDB’s for a project, each defining specific groups of databases, for users with different tasks to perform.