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AVEVA E3D Hot Keys

Ctrl + ASelect All Elements in the View
Ctrl + CCopies via Mid Position of all selected element(s)(Clipboard operation)
Ctrl + EToggles Distance Snap Mode On/Off
Ctrl + FTriggers Find/Search form
Ctrl + IToggles Property Grid On/Off
Ctrl + PPrint
Ctrl + TToggles Pick Through Translucency On/Off
Ctrl + VPaste Clipped
Ctrl + YRedo
Ctrl + ZUndo
Shift + F4Toggles between Perspective and Parallel modes
Shift + F7Toggles between About Model and About an Eye modes
Shift + InsertPaste Clipped
Ctrl + Shift + CCopies element(s) with basepoint(Clipboard operation)
Alt + Left ArrowPans 3D view towards Left
Alt + Right ArrowPans 3D view towards Right
Alt + Up ArrowPans 3D view towards Up
Alt + Down ArrowPans 3D view towards Down
Alt + F4Quit Application