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Success Stories – Vista Projects

Canadian engineering firm Vista saw 16% in project cost savings and a 10 to 15% reduction in engineering man hours by implementing AVEVA software and doing away with error-prone manual data input into spreadsheets

“The benefits of using an integrated software suite are that it really breaks down the silos of the individual engineering disciplines, and gives everybody access to everybody else’s information as they need it. We’ve shown this is a pretty big improvement over the conventional engineering approach.”

– Patrick Reilly; Managing Partner, Vista Projects


  • To do away with error-prone manual data input.
  • To put an end to budget and schedule overruns.


  • The old conventional spreadsheet approach was unreliable.
  • Silos of activity and functions made it difficult to expedite projects.


  • The compressed engineering schedule saves hundreds of man-hours per project, and reduces handover costs.
  • Collaboration between internal teams, clients, and third parties has been enhanced.
  • Data accuracy, transparency, accessibility, and security have been improved.
  • There has been a 10-15% reduction in engineering man-hours during the FEED stage.
  • Projects have been completed at 16% under budget.

Vista projects drives engineering efficiencies with digital project execution

Calgary, Alberta, Canada – The expertise of Canadabased Vista Projects includes in situ heavy oil, enhanced oil recovery (EOR), and conventional oil & gas projects; it has engineered over 400,000 barrels per day of in situ oil production. The company has long been an enthusiastic believer in the value of integrated engineering in a digital environment.
In the oil & gas sector this occurrence is less common than may be expected. Exponents of a more conventional approach to engineering adhere to many of the values of a pre-digital age.

Time for change
These traditional values tend to include manual working practices; mainly an over-reliance on Excel spreadsheets and a belief that each department stands alone in the development of a project. Vista’s Managing Partner, Patrick Reilly, is an advocate of a technologybased approach to support and enhance an engineer’s planning skills. He believes the time has come for fresh thinking in oil & gas.

Vista Projects was commissioned by a major Canadian oil & gas producer to deliver the FEED for a largescale,
greenfield, steam-assisted gravity drainage (SAGD) facility. With an eye on the project’s budget and timeline, the client wanted close collaboration with Vista to ensure that a compressed engineering schedule could be met and that data accuracy, transparency and security would be best in class.

Integrated engineering solutions bring
the project in below budget and sets new standards in oil & gas. Vista Projects looked to AVEVA Integrated Engineering & Design for a solution. The project itself was the oil sands industry’s largest and most comprehensive
implementation of a digital engineering environment.
The AVEVA platform enabled Vista to consolidate
project data from multiple sources and make it available in a common location. The team was also able to validate and compare data and check business logic.
The data available in AVEVA IE&D is near-live. The platform cross-references and links all related data items the moment data is uploaded, based on the project configuration. AVEVA maintains system, subsystem, and tag relationships in line with system boundary drawings.

“There are many tasks and activities that our engineers simply no longer have to undertake.
AVEVA Electrical, AVEVA Instrumentation, AVEVA Everything3D (AVEVA E3D) and
AVEVA P&ID deliver a suite of combined capabilities that drives process efficiency and
gives us all, including the client, enormous confidence in the data.”

Patrick Reilly, Managing Partner, Vista Projects

“We were already using AVEVA’s Plant Design Management System (AVEVA PDMS™) and were impressed with the way AVEVA delivers technology. In moving to AVEVA IE&D, AVEVA accompanied us all the way, making sure our
users were comfortable with its use and could see the benefits of smarter data usage and easier, better collaboration. The AVEVA suite will now be our go-forward platform.”

Patrick Reilly,Managing Partner, Vista Projects