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The course is designed to give an introduction to the AVEVA Plant Programming Macro Language. There is no intention to teach software programming but only provide instruction on how to customize AVEVA PDMS or AVEVA E3D Design products using Programmable Macro Language (PML) in AVEVA Plant.

  • AVEVA PML Macros & Functions
    • Broad overview of Programmable Macro Language (PML)
    • Basic coding practices and conventions
    • How PML can interact with the Design model
    • How Forms and Menus can be defined with PML.
  • AVEVA PML Form Design
    • Knowledge of how Forms are created and how Form Gadgets and Form Members are defined
    • Understanding of Menus and Toolbars are defined with PML
    • Understanding of Collections, Basic Event Driven Graphics, Error Tracing and PML Encryption
  • Day 1: Introduction to PML 1, theory and syntax, notion of variable, loops, conditions…
  • Day 2: Introduction to macro-language PML 2, theory and syntax of programming creation of forms and details of the various “Gadgets” available.
  • Day 3: Use of standard PML 2 objects, use of collections, creation of specific functions and objects…
  • Day 4: Reading/Writing Files, Creating Custom Tabs.
AudienceThis course are for Advanced Designers and System Administrators
LanguageEnglish – French – Arabic
PrerequisitesYou should be familiar with AVEVA™ E3D Design, and Microsoft Windows.
Duration4 Days
LocationOn site – Online – Customer site
Software VersionAVEVA E3D DESIGN 2.1 or 3.1
Level of trainingExpert