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The format of the PowerCompass™ with respect to the axes is set via the PROJECT tab in AVEVA E3D DESIGN

For the typical Marine format the XYZ axes are interpreted in Marine directions as:

  • X = FORWARD             -X = AFT
  • Y = PORT                       -Y = STARBOARD
  •  Z = UP                           -Z = DOWN

Consequently, the Marine axes format corresponds to the Plant axes as:

  • X = EAST                       -X = WEST
  • Y = NORTH                   -Y = SOUTH
  • Z = UP                            -Z = DOWN

The PowerCompass is an intuitive tool allowing the user to control the view direction and to select different co-ordinate systems.

The view direction features of the PowerCompass will be described in section Controlling the 3D View.

The coordinate systems will be described in section Specifying a Position.

It is possible to move the position of the PowerCompass by dragging the blue grip located below the compass.