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Fusion 360 Keyboard Shortcuts

One of the easiest ways you can design faster is by using Fusion 360 keyboard shortcuts.

Instead of spending time searching in the tool bar each time you need to launch a command, you can move through designs more quickly with a few keystrokes.

General Shortcuts  
Shift +1  Display 4 Viewports 
Ctrl+Shift + F Full-screen  
Command Search 
F5 Refresh Data Panel 
Delete Delete  
Roll Middle Mouse Button Zoom 
Shift + Middle Mouse Button Orbit 
Ctrl + Z Undo 
Ctrl + Y Redo` 
Ctrl + C Copy 
Ctrl + V Paste 
Ctrl + X Cut 
Model Workspace Shortcuts  
2-Point Rectangle 
Shift + J As-build Joint 
Center Diameter Circle 
Ctrl + B Compute All 
Freeform Selection 
Normal / Construction 
Paint Selection 
Press Pull 
Shift + S Scripts and Add-ins 
Sketch Dimension 
Shift + N Toggle Component Color Cycling 
Toggle Visibility 
Window Selection 
CAM Workspace Shortcuts 
Ctrl + A All CAM Tools 
Ctrl + I Import Tool Library 
Ctrl + E Export Tool Library 
Ctrl + D Duplicate Tool 
Ctrl + R Renumber Tools 
Ctrl + G Generate Toolpaths 
Alt+ Enter Tool Edit 
Sculpt Workspace Shortcuts  
Shift + Up Arrow Grow Selection 
Shift + Down Arrow Shrink Selection 
Alt + P Loop Selection 
Alt + O Loop Grow Selection 
Alt + L Ring Selection 
Alt + K Ring Grow Selection 
Alt + J Ring Shrink Selection 
Alt + Left Arrow Previous U 
Alt + Right Arrow Next U 
Alt + Down Arrow Previous V 
Alt + Up Arrow Next V 
Alt + M Range Selection 
Alt + N Invert Selection 
Alt + 1 Toggle Box Mode 
Alt + 2 Toggle Control Frame Mode 
Alt + 3 Toggle Smooth Mode 
Double-click an edge Select Edge Ring 
Select two faces then double-click a third face Select Face Ring